A Wild and Stormy Night

My hands found her back, stretched out, covers thrown back from the heat. She was a long sine wave of shadow and streetlight highlights, blue through the curtains, beautiful and sleeping, making little snuffles into the pillow. Her hips rocked as i stroked the line of her – that ridgeline which spills from shoulder blade to hip and is then lost in the downslope curve of magnificent arse. I was half asleep, stroking her for the joy of it and waiting for the wholecurtain of night to fall and to drift off into dream. My eyelids tilted heavy and my strokes grew erratic as I drifted and then, on an indrawn sigh she moved.

She stretched herself a little and with outward tilt of hip drew her upper leg away, the knee towards her chest. Ahhh, that signal. I could feel her heat against my thigh and, on the quickening night breeze her earthy eagerness. Her breathing quickened as my hand stroked lower and with it, the curtains slapped and rustled, hurried by a rising wind.

My open hand followed the sweet curve inward into the warm dark of her. From smooth to rough, the prickled hair under nailtips, from firm to soft movement under my palm. Reaching in, I cupped and squeezed her cunt, feeling the hot split under my palm, already wet, already hungry and she pushed back ground against me and at once I slid open too, my cock ahrd and wet and ready leaving mother-of-pearl streaks on her alabaster skin. I grabbed her throat and bent her back and biting a little, growled a “Yes?” into her writhing ear. She was moving now, her curves alive one hand pinching at a breast, the other grabbing at my cock.

“Yes.” She grunted, biting her lip. Her half-gasped whisper lost among the wind and the first scatters of rain on the window. Louder. “YES!”

I rolled across her roughly pulling, pulling her into the ass-up kneel I wanted and with the help of her quick fingers split her lips and roughly drove right in. No long thrusts, I wanted just to be engulfed.I could feelher cunt twisting, squeezing on my buried cock. I grabbed her by the hip and drove hard,pushing her facedown into the bed. Her fingers drummed and wriggled at herself, at my tight balls and straining cock and I knee walked her across the bed asI strained within her, deep as I could get. My grip was not enough and so I reached down and found the hinge of thigh and hip and held her tight, felt her skin bitten by my nails, her hips bruising under brutal thumbs. I lifted her, soon just my knees and her shoulders, face held us up as we bucked. She was crying out and begging harder harder and I swung us back and forth until I could feel myself stretch and swell and under the tight circuit of her squeezing cunt I burst inside her. Pulses of storm and growls like thunder, filling her as I fucked her still. I could feel the come spilling out of her and down my legs.

I held us like that for a long time, held us upon the hookof my still hard cock, held us up while she, with squirms and mewls and rapid beats tore herself over the edge and we collapsed, storm thrashed and gasping as the lightning outside danced and screamed.

This morning, in the daylight I could read her marks. My fingernails had raked long rays from cunt to hip, a sunrise under bruise-clouds on her thighs. She rode me then in the sparkling dawn and with nailand tooth and utter glee, she marked me too.

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