Heck is for Hecate

Think of the classics. Those paired ingredients that – both delicious or delightful when alone – become, together, more than their parts. Peaches and cream. Cherries and chocolate. Salt and pepper squid. Flavours and colours and textures that complement and magnify.
Or perhaps chemistry works better? Or physics? Flint and steel, electrons and neutrons. Certainly something seemed to shift on the atomic scale when they met. An immediate charge. As if somehow they’d always tesselated. Not that there wasn’t some awkwardness, or uncertainty, of course.
Metis stopped what she was doing and raised her head. She looked across at Heck and asked,’Do you mind? If I… I really want all of it. If that’s OK?”Oh that’s fine,’ said Heck, ‘you’re my guest. Be my guest’. Heck waved a negligent wrist and settled back on the sofa, cossetting the rabbit in her lap. A deep smile of contentment spread over her face as Metis bent back to her work.

Metis had skills. With neat, small hands and nimble tongue, soft lips and hot mouth she brought me up to full rise. With murmurs, moans and muttering and the hypnotising tide of her wide seagreen gaze she pulled me in, in to her. Drew from the strange nowhere that lives behind and within us all, she drew the first scribbles of liquid fire up the backs of my legs and from under my ribs, drew it in, to pool and tremble in the crux of me. Held me breathless above a lake of shimmering blue.Though half undone, but held on the cusp between this room and the shuddering place beyond the veil, I watched. Watched these two women and their growing understanding, a sorority of which I was merely a spectator while also being the axis about which their orbits spun.

Earlier Metis had only eyes for me, big wide eyes that gazed at me over her moving fist and widened mouth, now that gaze was Heck’s. Eye contact crackled between them across the space between bed and sofa. Metis pale and small and red, Heck half curled on the golden fabric, one leg up, and one hand on her breast. Pinker, more meaty than Metis, darker, her shorter hair sticking to her forehead,flushed,eyes wide and mouth nibbled flinching and gasping to the rabbit in her lap. Metis smiled around me as she took Heck’s gaze. Heck was moving the rabbit now. It’s high pink buzz modulating as she pulled it out and thrust it in. I could see her legs shaking now, see the little flinching ripples fleet across her belly, the deep colour in her as she reached the edge.

And Metis freed her mouth, a little loopof silvered spit connecting us still,and whispered:

“Yes, come on now, I want to see you, I want to make you. Come for me. Please.” The hard rib of thumbnail held me back as she spoke to Heck, who hunched and stretched and fought and, twisting around the deep-plunged pink tusk, came, and came, and came.

While she did so, Metis watched and slowly stroked me and herself. Absent-minded pinchings of her breasts, her nipples. Strokes of rib-cage, hip and belly. Little strokes and spreadings underneath. Metis watched as Heck recovered, and, with their gazes once more entwined she shifted, straddled,and she took me in. The heat of her made me uncurland flinch and cry out. Groan. And in my frustrated burning, thrust. And Metis gasped and ground herself down hard,letting loose a little swallowed scream. She dug her nails into me and rocked, while, still gasping, Heck looked on.

Metis held out one white hand, and golden Hecate took it, stepping shaky and climbing clumsy upto be with us on the bed.She curled up next to us and took my face and kissed me hard and deeply. Soon, though, her face was in my shoulder, breathing hard and Metis,digging in upon my hip had her free hand moving in and under, parting Heck.Her finger-thrusts pushed her face into my shoulder and my ears filled with her tiny, wordless cries. Wordless sounds that moments later tightened, clenched and broke in high-pitched tones of some surprise. Face once again contorted, Heck pushed back on Metis’ skillful fingers and, a second time in as many minutes, she came.
Face flushed and glossy, blissful she turned to her new lover, and curled beside us, watched while Metis rode. And as she watched she touched and kissed her, and with trembling eager fingers touched her lips. She explored the junction between us, reaching, spreading, rubbing, tapping. While she strummed at Metis, my lake grew brighter, fuller. Almost full to bursting, but, there in Metis’ ragged rhythmns I felt her too, us galloping now, rushing to the same bright point. Heck’s fingers and Metis’ rocking reached her first and she ground down on me and growled and squeezed and shook. Drew blood from my now twitching thighs and then. Oh then.

She took me out of her, still shaking and, cradling her new lover’s head, put me to Heck’s mouth, who took me, all of me, all in. And I overflowed, a dam burst, flooding. Flooding both my mind and body as I arched, and flowing fast and hot down my wife’s throat.


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