Mermaid, part one.

First few splashes of colour for a mermaid I'm working on, again as an illustration for something coming along quite nicely. Watch this space. I'm thinking of sorta live-tweeting the picture as it (she) develops.   Sin on, won't you?  

Heck is for Hecate

Think of the classics. Those paired ingredients that - both delicious or delightful when alone - become, together, more than their parts. Peaches and cream. Cherries and chocolate. Salt and pepper squid. Flavours and colours and textures that complement and magnify. Or perhaps chemistry works better? Or physics? Flint and steel, electrons and neutrons. Certainly … Continue reading Heck is for Hecate

Red Tank Top

Black running shorts and a red tank top, she smells of hot lycra and damp cotton and sweat and this morning's shower. Pulse of electricity on the glance from under her ball cap, from behind her thick hair as she takes it off and my hands... my hands reach. I hold her by the elbows, … Continue reading Red Tank Top